Who are the Shemsu Heru?

Shemsu Heru were/are the very first grouping of humans to develop high culture for the purpose of a harmonious and fruitful existence on Earth, all while maintain a connection to higher realms of existence such as the Almighty/Most High and our human ancestors, both ancient and recent.

Before the most ancient of civilizations such as Ta Seti and Kemet, our human ancestors face a number of human and environmental challenges on a daily basis. These challenges compelled them to study the world around them and respond to those challenges for the sake of their survival. In the midst of this, they developed a culture that provided a culture of cooperation between humans for the collective good. They were forced to shape a united front against any human, spiritual, or environmental threats to stability and harmony, a concept that their offspring referred to as MA’AT.

As can be backed by science and the word, the foundation of the Shemsu Heru diet was plant-based. They perceived the presence of divinity in all living things, human, plant, and animal.

Currently, we Shemsu Heru embrace the blessing of our original human culture and we give honor and thanks to our ancestors, as determination to survive under challenging conditions has been passed to us both genetically and spiritually.